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SNAP Application Slice

The Surface Area for Disaggregation

Whether it’s AI edge inferencing for physicians or normalization of multiplayer game latencies, application behaviors have to disaggregate across a network to provide the best decision-making capabilities & rich experiences for their customers.

Application Slice is an application specific overlay topology created by the Avesha SNAP platform. It is an abstraction of the application interconnect where network resources are grouped & optimized to cater to application intents.

Application Slice

Caters to specific Application Intents

An Application Slice can be configured & automated to do whatever the application needs.

▸ Data management (data movement, governance, synchronization)

▸ Uniform Policy across distributed deployments

▸ Segmenting resources specific to application needs (multitenancy)

▸ Resource optimization((bandwidth, latency, capacity)

▸ Matchmaking (find the right edge)

Avesha Application Overlay

Avesha Smart Network Application Platform (SNAP) is the world’s first Application Overlay Service build for Applications traversing Cloud Edge networks. It enables the deployment, management and network optimization of low latency, high performance, real time applications.

Why Avesha SNAP?

Optimize Data Movement

Load Balancing


Security, Compliance

Select best Edge & Deploy

AI Model Optimizer Plugins

Real time Object Detection

Manage & Operate Edge

Avesha AINetOPs

Avesha AINetOps applies AI and ML to to monitor and manage network resources. It figures out the most optimal path for data to travel North South from Edge to Cloud and back. It sends monitoring information to centralized application on the Cloud for DevOps engineers to monitor the performance and availability of their applications.

Avesha Serverless AI

Avesha Serverless AI is a Lambda Function to operationalize AI Models on Cloud Edge. The serverless technology empowers the AI Model to scale and manage the network and application infrastructure as needed.

Telco Edge Builders

Telcos are creating a new edge. The services include 5G wireless, Enterprise uCPE for data services, and cloud-edge compute services, which improve cloud performance while reducing data transfer costs.

Such Edge networks are appealing to smart applications that require low latency, security, and low network transmission costs, particularly in industries like Gaming, Smart Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Avesha SNAP enables applications deployed on Edge Cloud in the following ways:
  • Search: SNAP locates the best edge node in real time based on application SLAs and Edge resources available
  • Network: SNAP connects edge nodes and to form a virtual network that applications can access for network resources.
  • Application Slice: SNAP maintains s slice of the network specific to a application, supporting multi-tenancy
  • Load Balancing: SNAP provides AI based load balancing to manage and reroute the traffic to the best edge node available
  • Optimized Network Traffic: SNAP uses AI and ML to learn about application end points and clusters and redirects traffic during surge in real time.


Medical AI Object Detection

Avesha Medical AI Object Detection helps deploy AI/ML models into the Avesha SNAP platform. This solutions enables doctors, academic researchers or OEM application builders to use their own AI/ML models real-time over an ultra low-latency, highly reliable and secure Cloud Edge network.

  • Avesha LiveDetect UI gets real time inferences from an edge based AI model and highlights objects of interest during a procedure.
  • Avesha Model Optimizer allows you to easily power your AI model over a sophisticate edge network and integrate them with enterprise applications. It specializes larger models optimizing them to real-time performance
  • Avesha ContexualLabel helps label large data sets faster, enables annotations to data sets and get them reviewed faster.
Medical Procedure Workflow Optimization

This is an AI WorkFlow Automation solution that seamlessly ties an entire procedure together by capturing rich data, reducing redundant tasks, eliminating 100s of keyboard clicks, generating reports - while the procedure is in progress - ensuring all the above is fast, accurate, reliable, descriptive and secure.

  • Avesha SNAP helps seamlessly integrate with any video-scope manufacturer
  • Avesha MyVoice enables training the NLP with the your own diction for procedure specific vocabulary. Voice activation helps capture images of object of interest and associated data
  • Avesha Wordsmith AI facilitates a two-way, bluetooth enabled interactive NLP for contextual data captured during procedures to fill out reports automatically
  • Avesha EasyAccessDB, dynamic elastic DBs are created from video, images & data captured which helps in easy, secure retrieval, search and reporting. The DBs serve as a data lake for integrations with EMR systems using RPA

Gaming applications need low latency, high performance networks that provide the best user experience for the users. 5G and Edge are fundamental technologies for gaming applications that rely on enhanced performances and reduced downtimes by bringing compute closer to the player via edge nodes.

Avesha Smart Network Application Platform (SNAP) can help orchestrate and monitor network resources in a multi-cloud , multi-edge network for distributed gaming applications, thus achieving optimum capacity utilization, lowest latency and best experience for gamers.

Smart Manufacturing

The applications of artificial intelligence in manufacturing have revolutionized production mechanisms, reduced costs and optimized production lines.

Avesha Smart Network Application Platform (SNAP) provides real time network optimizations, network monitoring and AI Inferencing for smart manufacturing systems.

Whether it’s predictive tasks to diagnose status of industrial equipments, detecting anomalies in products or optimizing the supply chain; Avesha SNAP platform can reduce latency, optimize network capacity and enable real time object detection at the edge - addressing many of the smart manufacturing use cases.

Applications such as Ride Sharing, Web Conferencing, Facial Recognition need real time performance and low latency.

Avesha Smart Network Application Platform (SNAP) can support microservices based distributed applications with inter-cluster communication, intelligent routing of network traffic, monitoring of network resources and enabling AI inferencing at the edge.


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